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Smart Buyer’s Program: Why Fall is the Best Time to Purchase a Boat


N3 Boatworks Smart Buyer’s Program

As we go into the fall/winter season, thoughts of boating naturally fall to the wayside.  Kids go back to school, weather starts cooling off, and if you own a boat, it goes into storage for the winter.  Regardless of boating season coming to an end, fall is a great time to purchase a new boat for next year.  Whether you’re searching for your first boat or an existing boat owner who wants to upgrade, you can take advantage of our Smart Buyer’s Program right now.

Why Would I Buy This Fall?  

When it comes to the common reasons you might otherwise wait to purchase a boat for the upcoming season, our Smart Buyer’s Program has you covered.

I’ll wait for the boat show deals to purchase a boat.” 
Between manufacturer and dealer incentives, we have the best pricing of the year on existing 2023 inventory THIS FALL(better than Boat Show). Let’s find the perfect boat with the best deal right now.

I’ll order a boat after the new year.
Our manufacturers require us to place orders two to four months in advance.  Waiting until next year could mean your new boat doesn’t arrive before you want to use it.  Place a 2024 order this fall and guarantee an early arrival.  We’ll store it until you’re ready to hit the water.

I don’t have to pay for storage if I wait until spring.”
Any new boat purchased between now and the end of 2023 will include storage until spring. 

I’ll wait so I don’t burn time on my warranty.”
Your boat warranty doesn’t start until you take delivery.  That way you don’t lose the first several months while it’s in storage.  Upgrade from your older boat and hit the reset button on warranty coverage.

My trade in will be worth more in the spring.”
Your boat will book at a higher value right now versus next spring.  Take advantage of the best trade value of the season.  

More boats will be available in the spring.”
As we go through the off season we will continue to sell through inventory.  Take advantage of the largest selection of new and used boats this fall, so you don’t have to settle on limited inventory next spring. 


·        Purchase an in-stock boat or place an order for a 2024 model from Nautique, Centurion, or Supreme.

·        A fall discount from N3 Boatworks in addition to any available Manufacturer incentives (programs vary depending on brand) will be applied.

·        Place a 10% Deposit (of the purchase price) on a 2024 to lock in your build.

·        Pay balance due upon delivery of your boat to our dealership. We’ll store it until you’re ready.

·        Trade in your current boat this fall and avoid storage and service costs this off season.


Contact our N3 Boatworks team for more details and lock in your new ride for the best deal of the year!

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